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maritime DC & PPE Information Center
equipment and systems



This area provides information tips for stowages involving space layouts, functional layouts, equipment layouts and stowage devices. Additionally some equipment of the stowage drawings are found in the  Library under Damage Control References  in Drawings for Damage Control and Personnel Protection. .




The information in this area is presented in four sections:

 SECTION ONE -SPACE AND AREA STOWAGE LAYOUT (pics, sketches and drawings) 

for DCRS’s, DCUPS, DCUL’s and other DC related spaces.


SECTION TWO- FUNCTION STOWAGE LAYOUTS (pics, sketches and drawings)

for equipment in passageways by function such as firefighting, dewatering, shoring, and



SECTION THREE - EQUIPMENT STOWAGE LAYOUTS (pics sketches and drawings) 

for individual equipment.


SECTION FOUR - STOWAGE DEVICES (pis, sketches and drawings)

for brackets, racks, hooks, toolboards, and lockers to stow equipment.