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Gloves with Stowage Bag
NSN 8415-00-268-8350 (Gloves - Men's Cloth Wk)
NSN 9Q5140-01-533-0834  Stowage Bag
(Bag, Glove Storage)




The post overhaul glove stowage bag is a USS Cole lessons learned addition to the DC allowance. During the post fire phase space overhaul when debris was being cleaned up, damage control personnel wore firefighter’s gloves that were often being contaminated by oil and grease, making them useless for future firefighting operation The post overhaul gloves are inexpensive work gloves for DCRS personnel to wear during damage control emergencies. These gloves can be thrown away if contaminated. The red stowage bag is 9 inches high by 11 inches deep by 16.5 inches wide. On the current DC allowance, one stowage bag and 36 pairs of gloves are provided in the repair locker tool kit.




One set is provided for the Repair locker tool kit.



Image of Gloves with Stowage Bag


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