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Shipboard Damage Control Equipment Allowance Lists (AEL) User's Guidance

Reading and understanding the Fleet Damage Control AELs can be very difficult at times for the Damage Control organization. The AELs, DC-OSIMS software, and the Booklets are used together to enhance and maintain fleet shipboard damage control standardization and readiness. The key to success in battle or casualty response is the day to day preparation, inventory, maintenance, and training done in the damage control spaces. The DC AEL User's Guidance was developed to help provide guidance, assistance, and tips to personnel tasked with maintaining DC Space Equipment in an easy to understand format.

The Shipboard Damage Control Equipment Allowance Lists (AEL) User's Guidance provides information for the damage control shipboard organization on how to understand and use the Damage Control AELs. This booklet can either be downloaded completely or can be downloaded and viewed as the parts listed below.

  • Entire Document (PDF File - 1,492 KB)
  • Sections
    • Table of Contents (PDF File - 27 KB)
    • Background (PDF File - 35 KB)
    • Shipboard Damage Control Feature (PDF File - 180 KB)
    • Overview of User's Guidance (PDF File - 22 KB)
    • Enclosure (1) (PDF File - 139 KB)
      How to Read the Damage Control AELs
    • Enclosure (2)
      Part I - Example of a Typical Parent Allowance Equipage Lists (AELs) with Explanations of Changes (PDF File - 505 KB)
      Part II - Example of a Typical Kit AEL for Damage Control Tools and Equipment with Explanation of Changes (PDF File - 121 KB)
      Part III - DC Allowance Equipage List (AEL) - Index of DCRS Parent AELs (PDF File - 18 KB)
      Part IV - DC Allowance Equipage List (AEL) - Index of DCUL/DCUPS/DCREL AELs (PDF File - 15 KB)
      Part V - DC Allowance Equipage List (AEL) - Index of Tools and Equipment Kit AELs (PDF File - 80 KB)
    • Enclosure (3) (PDF File - 81 KB)
      How to Read Equipment Line Item Information on an AEL
      COG Code Definitions
      Federal Supply Classifications (FSC) Numbers for DC Tools and Equipment
      Federal Stock Number Index Units of Issue (U/I)
    • Enclosure (4) (PDF File - 61 KB)
      Steps to Implement the 2004 Damage Control AEL Revision
    • Enclosure (5) (PDF File - 200 KB)
      Summary of the 2004 DC AEL Revision